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serious note

Submitted by MARTYDABNEY on

hey guys,this is a copy and paste from an post i put on our savage rifle owners facebook page.i felt it has a place here and i hope you take the time to read it.this post is on a serious note. Yesterday our town experienced a tragedy that I hope no one ever has to go through.the details are scarce but in a nutshell a 13 year old boy accidently discharged a firearm killing his 10 year old son knew the sister.anyway,this really made me think about the safety of my kids with firearms in my house.i have a gun cabinet that is full of some of my collection but the rest are in closets and such.i have drilled my kids since they were old enough to comprehend about the dangers of firearms and the respect they demand but my wife brought up an interesting point.while I was thinking about the whole situation wondering how a kid got access to a firearm she brought up the simple point that kids are curious and sometimes no matter how much teaching they get,sometimes they will just choose to ignore their teachings for whatever reasons.we all hope that our kids will make the right choices in life and most consequences are as simple as a stern butt chewing but for this family it was the loss of a daughter,a neice,a sister.i have looked at safes in the past but the prices made me say"man,thats a new rifle" but after thinking long and talking to my wife we decided to go ahead and spend the money and get a with anything there is nothing full proof but it will be a start.i hope anyone who has children to consider the same thing.can you put a price on your child.i hope that you all that may be in the same boat as I am in will look into it.hey guys,this is a copy and paste from an post i put on our savage rifle owners facebook page.i felt it has a place here and i hope you take the time to read it.


Pretty sad what happens when

Pretty sad what happens when young ones get into these preventable situations. You wouldn't let them in a pool without being watched or play in a busy street unmonitored and yet somehow kids far too often get a gun nothing good comes of it. Firearms need to be handled safely and just importantly stored safely. A child might not be able to rack the slide of your favorite pistol or load your rifle but you can bet even a very young one can pull a 4lb trigger and flip a safety. If you want to keep a firearm ready to go fine but make sure a child can't use it either. My son is nearly four. He is used to guns being around and has been trained not to touch them. If I happen to leave my carry gun (always cleared when I enter the house) on a counter where he can see (never without me in the room) it he will ask me to move it for him before he touches anything on the counter. I have never and will never hide from him what a firearm can do nor make jokes about their use with him. He isn't curious about them because I don't attempt to make them a hidden thing of interest. Be responsible, teach responsibility, and ALWAYS make unsupervised use of a firearm impossible for a child.

I guess I must only hit half of what I shoot at because I never seem to find the other half.