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Savage Action Differences

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Savage Action Differences

The Long Action's are currently designated by a 3 digit number like 110 or 116. Small actions are designated by 2 digits as in 11 or 12.

In the recent history Savage has had 2 basic action lengths. Long action and short action.

The short action came with two different action screw spacing.

The older Stagger Feed action is 4.27"'s for 1998 to 2006 and the new Center Feed is 4.41"'s for 2006  to present actions.

The long action both Stagger Feed and Center Feed both had a 5.062 action screw spacing.

It is important to not that the inlets are different for the different feed types.

The barrel threads for a Savage are typically  1.055 - 20TPI (1 1/16) and on the target, WSM's and some varmint actions there was a larger 1.118 - 20 TPI (1 1/8) thread diameter.

The barrel nuts are different in length with larger thread being shorter.

Savage alphabetical suffixes
B – laminated wood stock,
BT – laminated thumbhole stock,
C – detachable box mag.,
F – composite/synthetic stock,
G – hardwood stock,
H – hinged floorplate,
K – standard muzzle brake, AK – adj. muzzle brake with fluted barrel,
L – left-hand,
LE – Law Enforcement,
NS – no sights,
P – police (tactical) rifle,
SB – smooth bore,
SE – safari express,
SS – stainless steel,
SS-S – stainless steel single shot,
T – Target (aperture rear sight),
U – high luster blue, blue metal finish and/or stock finish,
V – Long Range (Varmint w/ heavy barrel),
XP – package gun (scope, sling, and rings/base),
Y – Youth/Ladies Model.

More to come