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Savage 260 Rem build

Action Model: 
260 Rem
Barrel Length: 
Stock details: 

Stock is a Choate Tactical centerfeed DBM model. No other mods done at this time. 

Build description: 

Build includes the following:



Rifle performance is awesome! Check out this group with some berger 140 VLD loads.

This load was with CCI 200 primers, 140gr berger vld and 43.5gr H4831SC seated 0.010" off the lands. Same charge and seating depth with 120gr Amax shot to same POI and nearly identical group size. As with any load work up to anything you see listed even if it is well below max. 



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Very nice build you got there!! I really like the looks of the Choate Tactical, how do you like it?? Shilen makes some awesome barrels, and their shop was literally just a few blocks from my house when I lived in Ennis, Texas. You will definately like that one. How do you like the SSS Competition trigger??

Savage 10PC Shooter...
S/H STS - Centerfire Record Holder - 270pts.

A 260 build is very

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A 260 build is very intriguing to me. I just wish they had a longer barrel life span than they do. Looks really nice though!!


Savage 10PC Shooter...
S/H STS - Centerfire Record Holder - 270pts.

Treated right I think you

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Treated right I think you could get 2500+ rounds down the tube without a worry. I'd love to try 6.5-284 but wow that is some bad barrel life. I'd be willing to bet that 2500+ would be even better with a nitride treated barrel. Might even look into the 6.5 Creedmoor. It might have slightly better barrel life as it is reported to be more like the 308win in chamber pressure. I've kind of been thinking about it as well. Maybe if I shoot out my .260 I'll look into it. The last thing I need right now is another savage sucking my money away. smiley

Funny Coincident!

I just so happen to be building a rifle with alot of the same components.  Savage 110 action, Choate Tactical blind magazine, 26 inch Shilen varmint 30-06 10 twist, and a SSS comp trigger. smiley...  I really like your rifle!  I wanted to paint my rifle in an Am-Stripe pattern using O.D. Green and Matte Black Duracoat but I am just to weak to paint my new, shiny stainless barrel!  surprise

Oh you'll get over that

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Oh you'll get over that eventually. It is kind of fun going that extra step with your custom build. Be sure to keep us updated on your build and post some details when you are done.