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Little Crow GunWorks- World Finest Trimmer

     If you are anything like me brass prep is not your favorite part of the shooting sports or reloading hobby. Most of the prep tools aren't so bad these days and flash hole uniforming, or reaming primer pockets goes pretty fast. Even annealing won't waste a lot of your time. Trimming however, is the biggest time waster for me and the one part of the process I have always disliked the most. Trimmer systems traditionally come in a couple different setups. One is a mini lathe style which work good but require a little setup and numerous different pilots to allow use of different calibers. To be really accurate they take some attention to setup and use. They also are really all that fast to use. You also have the length gage and shell holder type like those sold by Lee. They work well but can be hard on the hands, aren't adjustable for custom length and again requires several parts to be used during trimming. Little Crow GunWorks has changed things up just a little.


     Little Crow GunWorks WFT (Worlds Finest Trimmer) is a great step forward in both trimming speed and accuracy.  Pictured to the right, this system allows you to set a custom trim length, requires no additional parts swaps during use, indicates off the shoulder of your case and can be chucked into just about any drill for use. The cutter is mounted in the center of the housing and is replaceable should it ever dull. The large opening near the cartridge insertion point allows brass cuttings to easily exit the housing. Two allen screws placed 180 degrees apart around the shaft of the cutter allow you to set the trim length you desire with little fuss. In fact, getting the length I wanted set was as easy as placing a case into the unit that was the length I wanted to use then letting the cutter down until it contacted the top of the case. 







     As you can see on the left, once the case is inserted it stops on the shoulder due to a bushing mounted inside a bearing that is tapered to your cartridge type much like a bump gage or headspace bushing you might use to setup your sizing dies.







     The tapered bushing inserted into the center of the bearing is easy to make out in the picture on the right, as is the business end of the cutter. This makes trimming very easy. As the case in inserted and the whole unit is spun in your drill the bushing and inner bearing area are allowed to remain stationary in relationship to your case. Only the outer housing and cutter are actually turning. 






     The view left shows an inserted 300 Winchester Magnum case in the standard magnum trimmer. Use of the trimmer is very positive and repeatable. You simply start the unit spinning and insert the case until it stops on the shoulder when it is done. The cut brass drops from the two large holes in the side. You pull the trimmed case and move on to the next. I personally went through 50 cases is maybe 15 minutes on my first use. This was much faster than the old lee set. Also before you start wondering how repeatable it is remember that your firearm is headspaced off the shoulder (belted cartridges excepted) so that should be good enough for your trimmer. A quick sample of some of my trimmed cases showed them all within .001" of each other. Not bad for zero setup between cases and maybe better than you'd get with a lathe style setup unless you are taking great care.   


     As great as this system is there is one drawback from other trim systems. In general you can only do one cartridge family per unit. For instance I bought the standard mag and I could do 300 Winchester magnum or perhaps 7 mm Remington magnum on the same unit. If I wanted to do 300 Winchester Short magnum or 260 Remington I would require an entirely new unit. While you can replace the cutter, the bushing made for the case inside the bearing is not removable. This keeps tolerances very close and is great for consistency but if you do several calibers it could get expensive at $65-70 per unit. Overall though due to the ease of setup, repeatability, and speed of use this trimmer is a real joy to use. In the long run you will save time and get great results over most other trimmers. In the end the time saved to me is worth the extra expense and as budget allows more of Little Crow's gear is going to end up in my reloading gear.