How do I submit a "Rifle Build"?

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OK so here is a quick tutorial on how to submit your rifle build to Project Savage.  

  • Once you get logged into the site hover your mouse over the Rifle Builds menu item. The menu will expand and show you the submit rifle link. Click the link and you will be taken to the content creation area for a Rifle Build. 


Sneaker Release Dates 2014 | SneakerNews

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PTG lift kit

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Looks like PTG has done up a nice bolt lift kit. I've got one on the way. Looks like it should slip in easy and since the center is adjustable there should be any of the trimming sometimes required on the BAS screw when using other lift reduction methods.

Savage Action Differences

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Savage Action Differences

The Long Action's are currently designated by a 3 digit number like 110 or 116. Small actions are designated by 2 digits as in 11 or 12.

In the recent history Savage has had 2 basic action lengths. Long action and short action.

The short action came with two different action screw spacing.

The older Stagger Feed action is 4.27"'s for 1998 to 2006 and the new Center Feed is 4.41"'s for 2006  to present actions.

For the People, By the People

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For the first time in Colorado history two Colorado state senators Giron and Morse have been recalled. Both decided to follow Bloombergs crowd and push through gun legislation this session. During public hearings for the gun bills with thousands of people at the state capital Morse changed the rules only allowing 90 minutes for each bill while scheduling the hearings of top of each other so opponents could not attend. That wasn't enough though. When nearly every county Sheriff in Colorado showed up to oppose the bills he only allowed one to speak.

Editor Issues

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A user brought it to my attention that when making posts or comments he could not use the enter key. It appears this was due to IE 10 doing things a little differently (Thanks Microsoft). To fix the problem I have updated the editor software used to make entries. It appears to have solved the problem which I was able to reproduce. Please let me know if you see any problems with the newer version so I can take a look. 

Little Crow GunWorks- World Finest Trimmer

     If you are anything like me brass prep is not your favorite part of the shooting sports or reloading hobby. Most of the prep tools aren't so bad these days and flash hole uniforming, or reaming primer pockets goes pretty fast. Even annealing won't waste a lot of your time. Trimming however, is the biggest time waster for me and the one part of the process I have always disliked the most. Trimmer systems traditionally come in a couple different setups.